Saturday, 26 February 2011

My Nars Eyeshadow Collection So Far...

After seeing Helen's post over at Nice Things where she shows all the Nars duo's she has I wanted to show you the ones I own. Helen's post is a great reference and she actually shows the shadows on her eyes so I definitely recommend having a look. Anyway here are the ones I have picked out so far, they are pretty expensive so I don't have all the ones I would like to own but its a decent collection!
Habanera was the first duo I purchased, it's a gorgeous frosty mint green and a sparkly brown/purple. The green is incredibly pigmented, the brown takes a bit more work but I think that's because of the shimmer. It's definitely worth the effort though. I think this is still my favourite duo.
Cleo is a gorgeous pair of greens. A pale shimmery mint green and a dark sparkly green. This is the same as the Habanera duo in that the sparkly colour takes more building up but it is beautiful.
Rajasthan is one that I loved the sound of but I haven't actually used often, its a golden brown and a blackened green/blue. They are gorgeous colours but I find the gold hard to pull off with my skin tone.
Tzarine is probably my most used duo, its just so easy to wear, it's a frosted cream and a grey with gold sparkles. I tend to wear it with the cream all over the lid and the grey blended in the outer corner and crease.
Eurydice is one I am still a bit unsure of, it's a purple with blue shimmer and a gray with multicoloured shimmer. I absolutely love the grey shade but I find the purple so hard to wear. It has a lot of red in it and I find that when its applied you lose a lot of the blue shimmer. I am determined to find a way to make this work though!
A gorgeous shimmery brown and a shimmery dark brown/purple shade. These colours are really dark and I find that they can look a bit muddy on the eye. Also when blended together sometimes it's hard to make a distinction in the colours as they tend to just blend into one colour. It is a nice duo but I do tend to use the colours separately.

So that's it, my collection so far, there are at least 3 other duo's that I want and I am sure I will pick them up at some point in the future. Although they are expensive I think these duo's are decent value as you get a large amount of product and they are all heavily pigmented so will last a long time.

Are there any duos you would recommend for me?

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  1. I love the look of the purple shade of Eurydice



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