Sunday, 6 February 2011

Academy Of Freelance Makeup Foundation Course

Back in October last year I attend the Foundation course at the Academy Of Freelance Makeup, I chose to do the part time course so that it didn't interfere with work. The course was held over 3 weekends on Saturday and Sunday from about 9am till 5ish. The AOFM studio is in the heart of London's Soho, it was a lot smaller than I expected it to be but that is a good thing really as it means that the classes are kept small. When you start the course you are given the AOFM brush belt and brush set which comes included in the price of the course, the quality of the brushes is pretty good, there are a few that I don't really like but the majority are ones that I reach for regularly.
Each day a different working makeup artist came in and worked with the class. In the mornings we had the chance to talk to them about the realities of working in the beauty industry and got a chance to look at their portfolios. There was then a demonstration of the look we were working on that day. After lunch we got into pairs and got to work re-creating the look.
Over the 6 days we covered a wide range of looks and skills, from skin preparation and concealing to dramatic smokey eyes and catwalk looks. We also got to go on a shopping day where we got discounts on loads of brands to help us build our kits.
Everyday I meant to take photos of the finished looks I created but constantly forgot my camera. On the last day we had to do a catwalk look, I was really happy with the look I came up with and so I had to take pictures on my blackberry!
We were told to concentrate on the eyes and had to use both cream and powder eyeshadows. I can't remember the exact colours I used but I know they were purple and black Illamasqua cream eyeshadows and then Mac Carbon and some purple Naked Pigments. On the face I used Mac face and body foundation, full coverage concealer and transparent setting powder. I contoured quite heavily using a mac contour powder

I really enjoyed the course and  hopefully I will be going back and doing the advanced course later this year. Once you complete a course at AOFM you can go back for free masterclasses, I am going to a Bare Escentuals one next week which I am really looking forward to.


  1. Very very nice!

    I have a question: I have one of the Illamasqua's cream shadows, but it creases like crazy. How did you stop it from creasing?

  2. I love that eye look so much, but then I'm a sucker for ANYTHING that's purple!

  3. @ Lydia - They were set with powder. I find that their cream shadows are too oily to last without creasing on their own. Their new cream pigments coming out in the new collection contain a lot less oil so I will be testing them for lasting power!



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