Sunday, 27 February 2011

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick Review

On the recent 3 for 2 on 17 I picked up a couple of the Mirror Shine lipsticks and the new primer. I am testing the primer and will review it soon but today I am focusing on the lipsticks.
I picked up two shades: Belle & Beehive. I had no idea that these had such a blog following until after I had purchased them and I googled them! They are very sheer and glossy lipsticks, similar to a tinted lip balm. Because of this they are not at all drying and leave the lips feeling moisturised. They don't last particularly long on the lips but because of the moisturising properties I don't mind re-applying.
The two colours I picked up are fairly neutral, Belle is a my lips but better shade that is perfect for everyday wear. Beehive is a very subtle nude that I have been pairing with more dramatic eyes. I have really struggled finding nude lipsticks that suit me (beige toned lipsticks tend to make me look like a corpse!) and these is perfect.

Have you got any of these? Are there any others you would recommend?

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