Friday, 19 March 2010

Nails Of The Week - H&M My Favourite Jeans

This is the other colour I picked up from H&M last week. This is a gorgeous grey/blue with multicoloured shimmer, there is pink, green, blue, silver and probably more that I can't pick up in this lighting! Altogether it gives a lovely effect. This one took 3 coats and I did put a layer of Leighton Denny top coat on. I have had it on for the last 3 days and have no chips and not even any real tip wear!
Without Flash
With Flash

You can see the effect of the shimmer here but not really all the colours that are in there, this really is a colour that you need to see for yourself.


  1. Oooh very pretty! My local H&M has just stopped stocking any of the beauty items as these gorgeous new polishes have come out :(

  2. I really love this. You are such a crusader for H&M polishes! I think this is gorgeous.

    So sorry to hear about your separation. Are you going to Illamasqua on the 8th? Would love to see you for a catchup x



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