Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nails Of The Week - Asda George Indigo Dazzle

I am so impressed with these Asda nail polishes, Lipglossiping kindly gave me one just before Christmas and so when my Mum said she was going to Asda I asked her to pick some more out for me. The bottles are small but personally I think thats a good thing as the chance of me ever using up a whole bottle is slim to none. You get 5mls for 99p which is great value and they have a really nice selection of colours. Out of all the colours I got this is the one that I instantly reached for, its a gorgeous blue that flashes purple in some lights with a blue and green shimmer running through it. This is two coats with Leighton Denny Crystal Finish top coat. These photos are with flash, the shimmer does show in all lighting but it looks incredible in sunlight, not that we have been having much of that lately.

Have you tried any of the Asda polishes, any colours you would recommend?


  1. I'd like to but can't find an Asda near me that stocks the George polishes, only the regular Asda ones!

  2. This is an absolutely lovely polish.

  3. That's a really lovely colour. Thumbs up for ASDA x

  4. Oh oh oh this one is still my favourite! I haven't seen shimmer done so well by any other polishes in a long time!

    Looks so good on us pale pinkies too! Beautiful application btw


  5. This is such a lovely coloured polish! xx



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