Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween Nails - OPI for Sephora Call Your Mother & Konad

I have got my Mum addicted to the Konad now and she bought the Halloween plate (M13) so obviously I had to steal borrow it tonight to do my nails! I couldn't decide on what image to use and as its only once a year that this plate can be used I thought I would stamp 3 different designs!
I used OPI for Sephora Call Your Mother as the base colour and then stamped Konad special polish in Black Pearl on top.

 I want to get the Christmas plate now!


  1. I love that varnish colour and i am SO adding a Konad kit to my Christmas list now!

  2. Very nice konadicure! Love the nail polish color and the plate... :-)

  3. cutest nails ever! I wish I could apply my polish that perfectly xo



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